About this dinosaur

Before I tell you about myself, I'd like to introduce you to my enthusiasm a.k.a curiosity.

This massive winged tiger is important to my identity because I follow him everywhere. And he has taken me to wonderful places. When he gets an itch under his wings there's no stopping him - he'll swoosh through all kinds of topics and fields. I call those sudden outbursts serendipities.

At first, I tried controlling him completely - I thought this is what I was supposed to do: to tell him what to be interested in, how much and when. Pfahaha! I couldn't have been more wrong. He's so powerful and deep, almost ancestral, that he takes me wherever he wants to go and there's not much I can do about it. So I changed plans. Instead of getting him to obey, I decided to willingly ride with him and enjoy the fantastic journey.

I love my curiosity.

My name is Maria Stoica. I code by day and write by night. In between, I draw. I write better than I speak and I draw better than I write. In more formal terms, I'm a self-taught artist and a software developer with a degree. Well, in truth, I followed the coding path on my own; the tiger above kept me drawing and writing so he deserves some of the credit, too.

The Writing Side

I've published my first children's book called "Coco's Journey", a parody of the whole damsel in distress, brave knight and fierce dragon story starring my pet parrots and their dragon owners. I also have a sci-fi, young adult trilogy in progress called "ttotc" which inspires many of my current ideas and drawings.

The Coding Side

If you like puzzle games, you can give Diags a try - it's my iPad app. Let me know if you get past board 9. I may have created the puzzle rules, but I don't have a solving algorithm for it, yet. In my spare time, I keep an eye out for the latest innovation and think up ways of combining technologies and fields to solve existing problems.


The Drawing Side

There isn't really a separate drawing side because I always draw - can't help it. So my illustrations are found in pretty much everything that I create.

It's all very simple. I'm just following my curiosity because it takes me down the path of my ambitions and dreams one wacky way or another.

Cheers! :D