Friday, December 11, 2015

London Drugs

When I walked around Pacific Centre (one of the local malls), I kept on seeing London Drugs directions and signs and wondered why do these people have so many pharmacies! I was also surprised not to find any giant stores in which they sell anything like Carrefour or Auchan back in Bucharest. I really needed a frying pan and I noticed the grocery stores around here didn't sell any so I searched on the internet. I found an impressively diverse collection of pans - guess where... at London Drugs. They sell frying pans in the pharmacy? Hey, there's a post office in the pharmacy so I shouldn't be surprised. But that was when I saw the London Drugs website and I understood that it is the local Carrefour. It took me a week to find it - seriously, why the name? It's confusing. I avoid pharmacies by default. The story of London Drugs is an example of "Start Small. Dream Big". They began as a local, humble drug store in Vancouver in 1945 and they named themselves after George VI's home, London. At that time, George VI was the king of Canada. Today, apart from the heart of their business, the pharmacy, they also sell computers, TVs, furniture, cosmetics, appliances, toys, books, frying pans and pretty much anything you'd need.