Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Vancouver Lookout

This morning, I caught the sunrise at 8 am. I still can't believe the sky begins to light up around 7 am and by 4:30 pm it's already dark.

Soon, the sun rose into those clouds and it was dark again, but then, the clouds scattered and the day was spotless and sunny. My first and only thought was - Lookout (and books after I get back down).

The Vancouver Lookout is a 147 m tall observation tower with a rotating restaurant. Reminds me of Seattle's Space Needle. Underneath it is the Harbour Centre with Simon Fraser University's books and gift shop :D Today, they had a book clearance and I managed to get three awesome titles for a bargain price. I also bough a maple syrup lollipop and Canadian Moose Droppings which are actually milk chocolate almonds :))
Going Up

I love heights and I don't enjoy crowds. The lookout is situated nicely above the city and during my visit, there was barely anyone except the tour guide and security. At one point, a free tour was announced for the ones already on the observation deck, but I was the only one who showed up so the tour felt like a friendly discussion. I learned a few things about the sights visible from the Lookout today. First, what exactly was I looking at.

Mt Baker                                                                  Vancouver's industrial port

Canada Place (where cruise ships come)                 Stanley Park and North Vancouver

The Lions Gate Bridge is the bridge that connects Stanley Park to North Vancouver and its name comes from these two mountain peaks which look like two lions lying down.

Gastown is the oldest part of Vancouver. They say when Gassy Jack came to what would later becomeVancouver, back in 1867, he noticed there were no saloons for a drink. So he called to the people working at the nearby mill and in less than a day since his arrival, Gassy Jack had his saloon up and running. In Victorian times, 'to gas' meant to talk a lot, something for which Jack was famous, thus his nickname.

Seaplanes take tourists on a truly panoramic view of Vancouver and beyond. Also, if you'd like an alternative to cars, there are SeaBusses to take you to North Vancouver or Granville Island.

I love this view - like a gem hidden in the distance.