Sunday, July 6, 2014

Swiss - concept Art

This is Swiss, a giant Main Coon tomcat. He is not your ordinary lazy cat. Whom you see here is the guardian of the lost treasure in the valley. Spear duel is his second nature and he has a taste for adventure. No fight is too rough, no foe is too intimidating for him - he'll take on anything that challenges his proud ego. But above all, there is duty and ego or not, he has to keep that treasure safe. So no wandering about looking for a fight. I wonder how he'll take on the Hurricanes searching the valley - they're not on his side.

He is a loner, but the time will come for him to accept help in protecting the treasure. It's a tough blow to his self-esteem so he makes sure he gets things his way. This is how he greeted his aide:

... or so he brags.